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Career Opportunity at Twitpay: Marketing Manager

Posted: February 7, 2011 by twitpayjoyce in Uncategorized

We are currently seeking an experienced Marketing Manager. Please submit resume and cover letter to John Beisner at

JOB TITLE: Marketing Manager
DATE CREATED: February, 2011
TIME FRAME: Immediate
REPORTS TO: EVP of Client Services. Contact


  • Marketing, Communications, Sales support, Customer relations, Public relations
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Product direction


  • Lead Twitpay marketing initiatives
  • Develop sales tools, strategies and collateral
  • Assist clients with initial training
  • Work with clients to develop and document Socialbest practices.
  • Generate market opportunities and target markets


  • Marketing & communications expertise
  • On-line marketing expertise
  • Social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube)
  • Experience with E-Commerce


  • Project Management
  • Strong communication skills
  • Basic design and technical skills


  • Highly motivated and goal driven
  • Bachelor’s Degree (marketing)
  • MBA preferred
  • Social Media knowledge
  • Technical skills a must have


  • General experience in marketing communications
  • Experience in B2B marketing
  • Experience with marketing over social networks


  • Attention to detail
  • Enjoy a fast-paced environment
  • Self motivated and energetic
  • Great interpersonal skills
  • Team player
  • Creative


  • Atlanta, GA

About Twitpay: Twitpay is the leading provider of payment systems solutions for social medianetworks. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, its patent pending technologies and breakthroughapplications allow organizations to turn their social networking investment into measurableresults. For more information, visit or follow @twitpay on Twitter.


Mr. Kenneth Douglas has officially joined the Twitpay team, leading innovation in the social gaming and social commerce spaces.  He is an experienced technology and payments executive with a background in systems and integration. He spent the last four years building the RevolutionCard Network for Revolution Money, which was acquired by American Express in January 2010.  Douglas was General Manager and Vice President Merchant Services and responsible for negotiating, integrating and launching the RevolutionCard Network into the top merchant acquirers/processors, gateways and network switches.  Prior to Revolution Money, he spent a majority of his career in executive positions with technology and system integration firms and sits on the advisory board of a number of early stage technology companies.  Kenny received his BS/BA in DPQA (Data Processing Quantitative Analysis) from the University of Arkansas.


About Twitpay

Twitpay is the leading provider of payment and lead generation systems solutions for social media networks.  Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, its patented technologies and breakthrough applications allow organizations to turn their social networking investment into measurable revenue results. For more information, visit or follow @twitpay on Twitter.


Build Your Twitter Following (the right way)

Posted: October 22, 2010 by twitpayjoyce in Uncategorized

If you’ve been on Twitter for more than about 5 minutes, you’ve probably been solicited by somebody swearing that they can help you build your following – and fast.  And they probably can, by having you follow a ridiculous number of accounts, mostly spammers and bots, just to get them to follow you back.  Does that mean that anybody is going to be listening to you, retweeting you, or recommending you to their followers – not on your life!

Twitter is an information network, which means in order for you to build an engaged following, you’ve got to provide information that they are going to be interested in receiving and sharing.  If you can do that, you’ll be very popular in the twitterverse!

So, that being said, there are two important steps in building an engaged Twitter following:

  1. Getting them to listen in the first place and
  2. Giving them information that will keep them coming back for more!

Spreading The Word

  • Make sure all of your current supporters know that you’re on Twitter.  Utilize every channel that you have: email, Facebook, word of mouth, mailings, advertisements, message boards, etc.  Leave no stone unturned.
  • Add your Twitter handle to your email signature and the front page of your website(s).
  • Follow and use relevant hashtags.  Definition: A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a “#” that is used to link together similar content in Twitter.  They are often used at events, in Twitter chats, or just when there’s a big topic being discussed by a lot of different people.
  • While you don’t want to follow random users just to get them to follow you back, you should follow other people who are producing quality content that interests you.  Some will follow you back, some won’t, but all will add to your twitter experience.
  • Follow your follower’s followers.

Creating Content That Your Target Audience Will Appreciate

  • Ask your audience what they are interested in.  Polls are a great tool and are really easy to setup with services like
  • Pay close attention to what your followers are already retweeting.
  • It’s a two-way street.  Make sure that you are retweeting, complimenting, and giving feedback on your followers’ tweets.
  • Cross-post all new content that you create.  If you write a blog post, make sure to publicize it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.  Likewise, if you send a good tweet, post it to your other profiles and include your Twitter handle.
  • Recruit advocates.  Find influential people who share your interests.  Engage them directly, and occasionally ask them to share your content with their audience and/or guest post for you.

As with any community, it can take a while to build, but building your following in an authentic and genuine way will create be much more productive than getting a large number of followers who are just spammers, bots, or users who have no interest in your topic of choice.  Social media is just that, it’s social.  Get out there and communicate and your audience will follow.

Guest post from Aran the intern

Posted: July 2, 2010 by ivey in Uncategorized

We’ve been fortunate to have Aran (@treybahler) join us in the Twitpay office for a few weeks. Before he heads out, we asked him for his thoughts on the experience.

If you contemplate the activities a typical fifteen year old boy does during the summer, spending two weeks as an intern in an office probably does not appear on that list. Or if so, the idea emphasizes misery and an overall vibe of not wanting to be there, or anywhere within a two mile radius of that particular office for that matter.

Not at Twitpay.

I am currently interning for my second week with Twitpay, where I have thus far had a tremendous experience. The current employees of the company have taught me a lot about what Twitpay does, and the technology behind how their product functions. Furthermore, they have given me the understanding and experience of the working life, which I now see in a much brighter light.

It has been far from dull, as well. I’ve sat through two sales calls, where the company marketed their product to different clients, as well as an interview for a potential new salesman. I’ve also explored the gaming side of Twitpay, helping research possible fees of purchases, and gathered contact information for potential clients over Twitter. Now, where else would you be able to do and useful research over Twitter. Additionally, we would occasionally watch portions of World Cup matches, willing in shots and criticizing officials.

Overall, Twitpay has provided me with a taste of adulthood, offering me a glimpse into the daily lives of an office environment. Although I only had a limited stint of time with the company, it provided a tremendous start of preparation for my forthcoming future should I later decide to study this field.

Thank you, Twitpay.

Thank you, Aran! We’re glad you could join us!

RT2Give now supports credit cards

Posted: April 21, 2010 by ivey in Uncategorized

Today we’re happy to announce the availability of credit card payment options for our RT2Give™ (Retweet To Give) donation service. RT2Give allows socially conscious giving over the Twitter network. Now you have a choice between credit card or checking account for payment options.

While we encourage you to continue to use electronic checks, we’re happy to be able to expand the options available. Adding cards was one of the most common requests we heard from you, and we’re glad we could add it so quickly.

Because Twitpay uses Twitter’s Search API to find payments, we haven’t been able to support users with protected updates. Lately, we’ve also been seeing a lot of people who don’t show up in search results, for varying reasons.

Tonight we added support for both types of users. Just make sure to use “@twitpay” somewhere in your tweet. Also make sure that Twitpay is allowed to follow you, if your updates are protected.


  • @ev @twitpay $5 because Twitter rocks
  • twitpay @ev $5 because I love Twitter so much // @twitpay
  • Helping fight Animal Cruelty (@twitpay @HumaneSociety $10)

In other words, use Twitpay like you normally would, but toss in at least one “@twitpay” to make sure it shows up as a Mention.

Just a small step in making sure Twitpay works for everyone.

PS: if you’re waiting for the exciting news…this isn’t it. Not much longer!

+            #### Does it work with protected updates?
+            Surprisingly, yes! Make sure @twitpay is following you, and always
+            use @twitopay when you send a payment:
+                @ev @twitpay $5 because Twitter rocks
+            This also works for users who, for whatever reason, don’t show
+            up in search results.
+            If you want to send a payment that isn’t an @reply, you can use
+            the standard format, and add a @twitpay to the end:
+                twitpay @ev $5 in public // @twitpay

Welcome to Twitpay

Posted: March 3, 2009 by ivey in Uncategorized

Today, we’re taking Twitpay out of beta and putting it out there for everyone to use. (If you don’t like to read long blog posts: we’re turning on “real money” powered by Amazon Payments. We’re excited. Twitpay is awesome.)

Since our unusual inception at Atlanta Startup Weekend 2 we’ve had an interesting few months. As a company, we’ve faced some challenges, mostly because doing money transfer is a pretty complicated thing to do. There are a lot more regulations to comply with than we guessed over that weekend in November. We’ve also seen some competition, and some copycats. We welcome the former, and are annoyed by the latter, although the job post for “build a clone of Twitpay” was really appealing. Maybe we should have applied for it…

Mostly what we’ve seen is that you want to use Twitpay, just like we do. In fact, the most frequent question (maybe the only question) we get asked is “When can I do real money?”

We’re exceedingly happy to say that the answer is “right now.”

As we’ve thought about what’s important about social payments, a few things stayed in the front of our minds: they have to be really easy, and they have to be secure. We got the easy part down on Day 1: just tweet the money and it goes! If you haven’t used Twitpay yet, here’s how it works:

  1. Post a tweet like  “@ev twitpay $1 because Twitter is awesome”
  2. There’s no Step 2!

Our apologies to Jeff Goldblum.

If you’re sending money to someone who will probably send you some back later (settling up your coffee shop tab every day) you may be happy with just keeping track. For most of us, though, there are times when you want to send “real money.”

The standard way to solve this is to say “Well, you give some money to Twitpay, and then later we’ll give it to the person you sent money to.” In fact, that’s what we started to do at first. Something didn’t sit right with us, though. Why should you trust Twitpay with your money? You don’t know us. Even more importantly, in the above scenario, Twitpay effectively becomes a bank. And while the allure of TARP funds is seductive, we’ve heard some rumblings lately that maybe being a bank isn’t the greatest idea right now.

So we decided not to ask you to trust us. Working with Amazon Payments, we’ve built a new version of Twitpay that means we don’t have to be the middle-man for your cash. That’s good for you as a user because you don’t have to trust us with your money, you just have to trust Amazon. It’s good for us as a service because it allows us to focus on adding new features and focus on the core of our business.

So as of 12:01 AM, March 3, 2009, Twitpay is live with real money. And we are also the most secure and trustworthy social payment platform out there. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please visit us and click on the Support link. We look forward to hearing from you.