Guest post from Aran the intern

Posted: July 2, 2010 by ivey in Uncategorized

We’ve been fortunate to have Aran (@treybahler) join us in the Twitpay office for a few weeks. Before he heads out, we asked him for his thoughts on the experience.

If you contemplate the activities a typical fifteen year old boy does during the summer, spending two weeks as an intern in an office probably does not appear on that list. Or if so, the idea emphasizes misery and an overall vibe of not wanting to be there, or anywhere within a two mile radius of that particular office for that matter.

Not at Twitpay.

I am currently interning for my second week with Twitpay, where I have thus far had a tremendous experience. The current employees of the company have taught me a lot about what Twitpay does, and the technology behind how their product functions. Furthermore, they have given me the understanding and experience of the working life, which I now see in a much brighter light.

It has been far from dull, as well. I’ve sat through two sales calls, where the company marketed their product to different clients, as well as an interview for a potential new salesman. I’ve also explored the gaming side of Twitpay, helping research possible fees of purchases, and gathered contact information for potential clients over Twitter. Now, where else would you be able to do and useful research over Twitter. Additionally, we would occasionally watch portions of World Cup matches, willing in shots and criticizing officials.

Overall, Twitpay has provided me with a taste of adulthood, offering me a glimpse into the daily lives of an office environment. Although I only had a limited stint of time with the company, it provided a tremendous start of preparation for my forthcoming future should I later decide to study this field.

Thank you, Twitpay.

Thank you, Aran! We’re glad you could join us!


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