Protected Updates, and Missing Searches

Posted: July 2, 2009 by ivey in Uncategorized

Because Twitpay uses Twitter’s Search API to find payments, we haven’t been able to support users with protected updates. Lately, we’ve also been seeing a lot of people who don’t show up in search results, for varying reasons.

Tonight we added support for both types of users. Just make sure to use “@twitpay” somewhere in your tweet. Also make sure that Twitpay is allowed to follow you, if your updates are protected.


  • @ev @twitpay $5 because Twitter rocks
  • twitpay @ev $5 because I love Twitter so much // @twitpay
  • Helping fight Animal Cruelty (@twitpay @HumaneSociety $10)

In other words, use Twitpay like you normally would, but toss in at least one “@twitpay” to make sure it shows up as a Mention.

Just a small step in making sure Twitpay works for everyone.

PS: if you’re waiting for the exciting news…this isn’t it. Not much longer!

+            #### Does it work with protected updates?
+            Surprisingly, yes! Make sure @twitpay is following you, and always
+            use @twitopay when you send a payment:
+                @ev @twitpay $5 because Twitter rocks
+            This also works for users who, for whatever reason, don’t show
+            up in search results.
+            If you want to send a payment that isn’t an @reply, you can use
+            the standard format, and add a @twitpay to the end:
+                twitpay @ev $5 in public // @twitpay

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